Letter: Election - Time to consider tactical voting

Ballot Box
Ballot Box

The time has come for all progressive voters in the Harrogate constituency to think seriously about voting tactically in the coming General Election.

Remember our lobby-fodder MP: a remain supporter who let down the majority if his constituents by voting in support of triggering Article 50 instead of following his conscience?

Progressive voters of any party should not risk a split vote but back the Lib Dems as the most realistic chance of unseating Andrew Jones (apologies to fellow Green Party members).

There is so much at stake – the future of the NHS and social care; our schools; scientific research and our world class universities; agriculture, jobs and the and economy all potentially sacrificed at the hands of the extreme wing of the Tory party and their lemming-like obsession with immigration and trading under WTO rules.

In the face of a hard Brexit – hard choices are required.

Of course Brexit cannot be reversed but progressives in Harrogate and Knaresborough can send a message to the hapless Mrs May that the course she is so disasorously embarked on is not supported here.

Let the “lady be for turning” and let this constituency buck the trend of Tory over confidence in a landslide victory.

Nigel Harper

New Road, Scotton