Letter: Eggs-ceptional

Liam Beardsley who found 12 double yolk eggs in one box.  (130627M6b)
Liam Beardsley who found 12 double yolk eggs in one box. (130627M6b)

Your article on double yolks in eggs (Harrogate Advertiser July 4) brings back memories.

Liam Beardsley ‘cracked’ a rare twelve to be sure. However during my many years of catering, I can honestly say, I have cooked over a million eggs.

Breakfast accounts for most, being fried, boiled, poached, scrambled and omelettes. Others for salads and sandwiches, the latter were boiled and one day, three were yolkless, just solid (Albumen) white.

When I was breakfast/larder chef at the Prospect Hotel in the 1950’s, I was being assisted by the manager, when I had twelve eggs in the pan to fry.

This consisted of eight double yolks, three treble yolks and one quadruple.

This was witnessed but sadly never recorded. What a difference to the army cookhouse in Cyprus, when eggs from Turkey came in tea chests, often weeks old, and a chest holding 1500 would be lucky to turn out 200 that were edible.

Both situations were certainly Egg-traordinary.

Alan Barker

West Lea Avenue, Harrogate

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