Letter: Education - We have no plans to reduce staff

Harrogate Grammar School. (091006GS5)
Harrogate Grammar School. (091006GS5)

Following your recent excellent, detailed report on fake news, I would like to bring to the attention of your readers the scaremongering that is being distributed in this area by at least one political party.

In one of the main party’s candidate’s leaflet is the statement “Harrogate Grammar School projected to lose 15 teachers” by 2019. This relates to a website that estimates the projected decrease in the school’s annual budget which is then transferred to a number of teacher losses.

At no time did the candidate, or their team, contact the school to enquire if this is what will happen, nor look into what the Board of Governors have done to prepare the school for times of austerity so that, when they come, we would not need to make the changes that are alleged to occur.

Whilst, as a school governor, I support any move to decrease the cuts to schools’ budgets, scaremongering, like fake news, is not the way to do it and only causes stress and worry to both the staff and the families that the school supports.

I would, therefore, like to reassure the public that the headline above is incorrect; we not planning to lose 15 teachers and we have no plans for any managed staffing reductions in the next two years.

Interestingly, if you go back to 2014, one of the political parties, following the distribution of another leaflet, had to publically apologise after criticising the then-MP regarding their expense claims, after they accepted what they had written was ‘fundamentally wrong”.

It appears they have not learnt from the past.

Ian Sugarman

Parent Governor, Harrogate Grammar School