Letter: Education - Congratulations on new building

Harrogate High School open day. Andrew Jones MP and The Mayor of Harrogate prepare to cut the ribbon to open the new school are seen here with students, visitors and staff members including Head of academy Anne Francis and Ian Curtis (Chair of Governors) (1709233AM)

My husband and I attended Harrogate High School’s Open Day last Saturday and I feel that I must express publicly some of the impressions we gained about the new school building and the pleasure it was to meet some of the students and the staff.

How things have changed since I last worked at the school as a member of staff around 30 odd years ago!

And how they have changed since our own school days: all for the better! We were greeted and shown around by a delightful student who had only been at the school since the beginning of September.

It was assumed by us that she was hand-picked by the staff as one who would give a good impression, but that was not the case.

All the students we met had volunteered to help with all the tasks and were a credit to the school, both in their appearance and demeanour. Naturally, methods of teaching have evolved since we were at school and the layout of the school and methods of teaching seemed alien, but far more attractive than ever we knew.

The teachers really seemed enthusiastic over their jobs; so much so that we wish we could turn back the clock and attend the school ourselves.

The building was well designed, airy and light and easy to get around.

There was a lift to be used in special circumstances to get to the second floor – appreciated by my husband.

Thanks and congratulations to all who work at the High School. May everyone do well.

Anne Wilkinson


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