Letter: Drivers should be ashamed

Harrogate 10k runenrs
Harrogate 10k runenrs

A sad minority of motorists should be very ashamed of their behaviour last weekend.

What a terrible reflection of the “me” minority that, sadly, now seems increasingly prevalent in our once pleasant town.

I refer to the selfish, impatient, arrogant and downright dangerous drivers whom it was my misfortune to encounter whilst marshalling the runners, a voluntary role I have done for many years, during one of Harrogate’s premier charity events, the Town Centre 10K run, on Sunday morning.

I can only hope that if these drivers are ever unlucky enough to require the services of the wonderful Air Ambulance that they reflect on the events of Sunday morning when they were too selfish to wait a few minutes for the hundreds of selfless people who ran the distance to raise money for this charity.

The runners ranged from front-of-race athletes to charming 79 year-olds and included one runner, Ben Grant, who achieved the fastest time for the distance for an over-65 in the country this year. I am a confirmed non-runner but they all gained my greatest respect.

The race was widely publicised and is an annual fixture, so people should have known the event was taking place.

Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to the majority of drivers who accepted the situation with good humour.

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