Letter: Don’t be selfish on Greenway

Cyclists and walkers on the Nidderdale Greenway
Cyclists and walkers on the Nidderdale Greenway

My wife and I and our young son walked along the Ripley Cycleway on Saturday, March 1.

We have used it before so know the need to be observant of cyclists and other users.

Following our experiences today there are two types of users who appear to show little or no consideration to others.

The first is a minority of cyclists who seem to consider that the cycleway gives them the right to speed along, failing to slow down to pass others or even acknowledge thanks when others have made an additional effort to move aside to let them pass.

The second are the large groups of (usually elderly) ‘walkers’ who make little effort to move aside as you approach them.

This was demonstrated when having approached one group in single file I was very nearly spiked by one walker’s pole as the owner had failed to make any attempt to move into single file.

I made it very clear that her actions (and that of her group) were inconsiderate and bordering on dangerous. Later on we passed another similar group who again made little attempt to fairly share the cycleway.

It is regrettable that our walk was partly ruined by such selfish actions.

Jonathan Haley

Burns Way, Harrogate

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