Letter: Dog fouling

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Editorial image

Of late there has been much correspondence in your paper, relating to the never ending problem of dog mess on our pavements and green spaces.

Lately I have noticed a variation on this situation in the area around the new Greenway footpath, at the bottom of Bilton Lane.

Dog owners are turning up in cars and vans and, when the car park is full, are choosing to park on the pavement leading down to the Gardener’s Arms pub.

They then go walking and, on their return, they wipe their animals with tissues, wet wipes and kitchen roll.

This wet muddy paper is then deposited in the hedge bottom.

This litter has been building up steadily over the last few months and was looking very unsightly.

That is until one day last week when a team from the “Open Country” organisation arrived and collected all the debris.

It’s a pity the dog lovers don’t see fit to take this rubbish away with them and choose to let others deal with their mess.

N Anderson

Meadowcroft, Harrogate