Letter: dog fouling

Letter: dog fouling
Letter: dog fouling

Owners are lazy or arrogant

As most of us know an IED is an Improvised Explosive Device that causes untold death and injury to any unfortunate soldier or civilian to step on one, especially at the moment in Afghanistan.

Although there is no comparison the St John’s area of Harrogate has its own version of IEDs - Indiscriminate Excretia Depositors, of course - dogs, or more to the point the owners who are either too lazy or too arrogant to pick up the mess.

While the majority of owners will take the responsibility of picking up, there are still those who are prepared to leave it for people to get the mess on their shoes, pushchair, bike and car wheels, therefore spreading the ‘Bad News’ further.

The offenders, if caught, should be heavily fined, named and shamed.

Finally judging by the size of the piles, some people, instead of carrying poop bags should carry bin bags.

R Davison