Letter: Devolution - I have no wish to be a part of Leeds


I, as a resident of North Yorkshire, am sick and tired of all the talk of devolution for various areas of the county, and I for one have no wish to become part of the so called Leeds City Region.

We are in North Yorkshire, the gateway to the Dales and if we join any other area, it should be tied with the city of York and let us not forget that by rights York should be the capital of Yorkshire, I am sick of all the hype surrounding Leeds.

If Harrogate links with another area it should be with York, to include Selby and the Ryedale area. We are all in the north of Yorkshire. There should be a referendum regarding where the people stand on all of this.

The decision should not be in the hands of local or county councillors, that should be decided in a referendum given to the population residing in the effected regions. It is up to us to decided when, which and why. There are many questions which need to be answered.

Leeds is a Labour run city council and what they will be wanting to achieve is to fleece North Yorkshire for every penny it can muster. They are looking at us as a cash cow.

Not only are these so called big city areas a bad idea, big is not the answer.

There is the saying ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ and I see nothing to change the present boundary system. Being too large can become unmanageable, too costly, too overstaffed with no overall gain.

Just one more question. If Harrogate were to become part of the big Leeds area, where would North Yorkshire’s northern boundary begin?

We are in the Dales as it stands and the very north of the Dales boundary ends in Durham, which at one time was the Yorkshire boundary in any case, so what would be left of North Yorkshire would only be a pin prick in area.

Harrogate is in the north, not the west - end of.

Ken Hatten