Letter: Council’s responsibilities on recycling

Recycle centre
Recycle centre

Is Harrogate Council actually serious about recycling?

I, like I suspect many more of your readers, will have found that some of their recycling waste was not collected this week!

The reason, at least for me apparently, the newspapers were not in the “mandatory” Blue Bag - although they were neatly stacked in the black box.

The reason they were not in the “Blue Bag” - it, and quite a few before, had blown away in the wind after the recyclers have carelessly thrown the boxes and bag onto the drive, indeed some of the black boxes have been split and damaged due to this.

It seems that Harrogate Council will seek to find any feeble excuse they can to not carry out their legal responsibilities for recycling, (previous brown cardboard fiasco).

Residents who take the time and trouble to separate their waste are rewarded by petty bureaucracy by a council which we all pay for, why cannot the recyclers leave a blue bag if one is missing? it will almost certainly have been lost due to them!

The council’s actions will only lead to the uncollected waste being put in the general waste bin and provide another excuse for Harrogate Council to increase council tax due to increased landfill costs (far greater than providing replacement blue bags!). Remember this when election times come around.

Gardeners also beware, when the council start to charge for emptying the brown wheelie bins, they will find any excuse to leave them un-emptied.

Mike Monkman

Hill Top Avenue, Bilton