Letter - Council offices: Hypocrisy over town’s assets

Harrogate Council building
Harrogate Council building

Last week the Conservative Administration called for a review of the Assets of Community Value Scheme, something introduced in the Localism Act of 2011. This scheme seeks to give protection to community assets such as pubs and shops.

The Conservative Administration has asked for information about the success rate of applications, to ensure that the council is doing everything it can to support applications.

So far we are told that in other Local Authorities 60% plus of applications have been successful compared to 25 per cent in Harrogate, a pretty a poor record, hence the review.

I totally support the review; but I do feel that there is a degree of hypocrisy here.

Very recently Harrogate Civic Society applied for an Asset of Community Value on the existing Council Offices, to retain it for Community use, remembering this building is owned by the Public and yet the Council refused that.

What hope do others have if a Public Building like Crescent Gardens cannot be saved for the Community?

Coun Pat Marsh

(Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group)