Letter: Council Leader - We confirmed no changes to Stray

The Stray
The Stray

I refer to two letters in your pages specifically asking me to write a response.

Mr Laird had his third letter published on the issue of whether the council will respect the outcome of the Stray consultation. The first two letters called for a response from Coun Michael Harrison. Unfortunately, as far as we can tell Mr Laird had not actually written to Michael Harrison so was calling for a response in the paper to a letter he had never sent to the person from whom he wanted a response.

Now he has called on me to provide an answer and this time did send me a letter asking me to do so. I can only refer him to the quote which featured prominently in this publication from Coun Harrison which stated: “My message is clear. “We asked you what you thought. We have listened and acted accordingly. There will be no changes to the Stray Act.”

Mr Laird proposes that “arrogance” is the reason he has not had a response. In fact, the reason was that he didn’t correspond with the person he named in his two previous letters and he didn’t read the statement which had already featured in this newspaper.

In the second letter, Mr White asked me to justify claims that the Tour de Yorkshire could bring between £5m and £7m additional spend in our economy and whether such a calculation had any veracity.

Broadly, the figure is calculated using the average visitor spend at similar events multiplied by the number of visitors expected. The spending figures per person were calculated using a system called EventIMPACTS developed by UK Sport.

I hope this answers the points raised and if either correspondent wants to ask me further questions then they can email me directly at richard.cooper@harrogate.gov.uk and I am more than happy to do my best to answer.

Coun Richard Cooper

Leader of Harrogate Borough Council