Letter: Council elections - Show the Tories we are on to them

Ballot Box
Ballot Box

I fear for the future, particularly that of our young people and our young families.

This government has issued budgets which force the most vulnerable into greater poverty whilst offering tax cuts to the undeserving rich. Including those whose actions caused the unnecessary move to austerity.

And all the time there is no real public challenge to this failed economic plan, which has missed every target it has set itself.

All we hear is about the unpopularity - among newspaper editors and proprietors, at least - of Corbyn. Why so scared?

And with the recent budget the government turns on those voters - small businesses, etc - who were led to believe the Tories were on their side.

The truth is clear, regardless of any U-turn; they support only the super-rich. Continuing real-terms cuts to education, health, social care......endless long-term punishment felt only by those at the bottom of the heap, with no ladder. The Lib Dems were complicit in this.

I hope voters recall these facts in the upcoming council elections.

We know that councils do not set national budgets, but the Conservative government is the paymaster, the piper calling the tune nationally.

We must show the government that we are onto them.

Sorry, Lib Dems, but Labour can win here.

All we have to do is ignore national media nonsense and vote Labour in May.

Paul Burns

Bond End,