Letter: Congestion - We must have effective plans

Traffic congestion.
Traffic congestion.

We hearing much from NYCC and HBC about reducing congestion to acceptable levels and coping with traffic increases as the town grows.

Smart and sequenced traffic lights, more road junction remodelling and a suggested traffic circulation system round the town centre. Considering NYCC’s track record these do not sound convincing.

We are exhorted to walk and cycle or take public transport, again not very convincing. These are often wet, windy, unpleasant and time consuming.

Cycling tends to be dangerous due to the large difference in speed between vehicles and cycles. People with cars will use them in preference to these alternatives. Imagine trying to conduct business journeys without a car - impractical.

The suggested North/South and East/West relief roads/bypasses appear a sensible suggestions, provided the traffic surveys and analyses have been done correctly. However they seem to be a long way into the future.

How about rising to the challenge and expediting them sooner?

So as car use and traffic will increase then for the next decade(s) it appears to be congestion as usual and more. NYCC & HBC need to get their thinking caps on and come up with some effective plans.

NB. Last weekend’s papers ran articles pointing out the huge waste of hours experienced nationally in traffic hold-ups and their contribution to lowering productivity and our prosperity. We need these like a hole in the head considering the Brexit and other challenges that lie ahead.

Paul Ashfield

Duchy Road, Harrogate