Letter: Cambridge Street

Cambridge Street, Harrogate (S)
Cambridge Street, Harrogate (S)

Beautiful bird song for us all

With reference to the letter you published on December 26 in the Harrogate Advertiser from Mr Henry Apperley, lamenting over the seat on Cambridge Street covered in “pigeon droppings”.

If the gentleman had been passing just before dusk, he would have seen and heard that this mess is not the work of pigeons, but around 100+ beautiful pied wagtails roosting in a tree in the town centre to keep warm.

This spectacle and bird song is stunning and has been enjoyed by young and old over the last few weeks - we saw it on the way to the pantomine.

Only one bench is affected. Maybe a sign advising tourists of this attraction would help encourage those from out of town rather than putting them off - but perhaps not too close to the seat or tree!

Julie Sanderson

Hookstone Avenue,