Letter: Bypass - We must move on and build a road

Traffic on Skipton Road, Harrogate.(2312033j)
Traffic on Skipton Road, Harrogate.(2312033j)

I have read all the comments about the proposed ring road and find them totally irrelevant. We need a ring road because the town is being choked by traffic. The other day it took me 20 minutes to get from Bilton to the hospital - ridiculous.

The voices that we are hearing use the same arguments that got us into this state. Yes the road would encroach on the Greenway, but accomodations could be made to offset this.

I was in favour of the Greenway and was in favour of its construction but this is a more pressing issue. Yes houses would be built next to it, but doesn’t that make sense as it would help with access to, or around Harrogate.

Should it have access to Bilton? Of course it should. Have you ever tried to get to York from there at peak times?

This whole question should be expedited immediately. Say no to all the Nimbys and maybe there will be clear roads in my lifetime (I am 66).

Stuart Snell