Letter: Brexit - Grow up and live with it!

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I see the Moaning Remainers are at again. Trying to put down our country’s ingenuity to become a great country again once we are out of the dreaded EU.

Our MP Andrew Jones voted, quite correctly, for Article 50 to be enacted and press on with the country’s decision to leave the EU - which was the decision of the UK electorate, not merely Harrogate residents.

The only statement of a letter in the Advertiser last week I agree with is “...electorate whom have little knowledge and are not well informed of such issues as Brexit”.

Do those Remainers still want to be controlled in all aspects of our life by non-elected EU members?

Only today McClarens company have stated they will be opening a car factory in Yorkshire creating 200 jobs - and that’s with Brexit still going to happen!

Grow up and live with the decision we are going to leave the EU and be a better country for that decision.

Alex Houghton

Beckwith Drive,