Letter: Bottling plant - This wood is part of the Pinewoods

James Cain of Harrogate Spring Water.(1703061AM3)
James Cain of Harrogate Spring Water.(1703061AM3)

The article last week about the expansion proposals of the water bottling plant was very interesting.

For someone who says he’s not an “out-of-towner”, James Cain has a surprising lack of basic knowledge about the Pinewoods.

Contrary to his somewhat wishful thinking, the Rotary Centenary wood is part of the Pinewoods.

This is clearly shown on the map on the information boards along the main path to Crag Lane.

It is also on the site map in the council’s Pinewoods management plan.

This plan shows the whole wood split into 10 compartments - the Rotary wood is compartment nine.

He also seems to downplay the significance of this area by referring to it as a mere “field”. It is a wood, and has been for 12 years.

It was planted with a variety of about 1,500 trees by several different groups and volunteers in March 2005. Many of the Scots Pines there are now growing quite large and its sloping site makes it a very pleasant woodland for people to enjoy, and for wildlife.

Just because it is a relatively young wood shouldn’t mean it can be sacrificed for building developments.

It wouldn’t be acceptable for any of the more established parts of the Pinewoods to be built on, so it shouldn’t be for this area either.

Mark Stevens

Leeds Road,