Letter: Borough Council - We need a change of council

Council Offices. (1401142AM6)
Council Offices. (1401142AM6)

Tourism and business expansion and associated money generation are Harrogate Borough Council’s priorities.

Add to this the uncontrolled housing development and general development of the town and place them into an inadequate infrastructure and we get the conversion of Harrogate into a mini Blackpool (keep adding load to a ship without increasing its carrying capacity and it sinks).

The council has lost trust, there is a lack of honesty, transparency and competence.

We have public consultations, the input is ignored or distorted.

We have an inappropriate town centre development plan, hopelessly inadequate future road and traffic plans (the bypass will help if we get one).

No plans to deal with on-street parking (where I live the street is a motorway early morning and evening and an over-crowded car park most days). Pot holes abound with no sign of repair.

No local development plan after many years and thousands of pounds.

We thought we had 5.5 years of “approved” housing development to find out from a government inspector we have not, so the development free for all continues.

We now have “plans” to greatly increase commercial money making access to the Stray, HBC “describes” them as minor.

I would not trust their agenda or their competence to build in safe guards.

Sir Gary Verity would clearly think it a good idea helping to promote his cycling interests. To Andrew Jones it will appear “modern and progressive”.

Residents can “look forward” to our once special town becoming like Bradford or Blackpool. We need a change of council. Effective alternatives please.

Paul Ashfield

Duchy Road,