Letter: Bond End - Don’t miss the opportunity

Bond End, Knaresborough.  (110725M2a)
Bond End, Knaresborough. (110725M2a)

I read with interest the latest developments in the Bond End traffic pollution problem in Knaresborough..

As for the statement regarding progressing three options - one, three and seven - when I attended the consultation event in Knaresborough Library, I was told by a key member of the steering group that scheme seven was not feasible and was only included to make the numbers up, so why are we still wasting time and money on a scheme that will not be implemented?

Of course the views of local residents should be taken into consideration; however the whole object of the changes is to improve the air quality for the residents, so keeping the traffic moving is the key consideration. Therefore scheme one involving two roundabouts and the elimination of traffic lights would be the favoured, and common sense, option.

The issue of residents not being able to see traffic coming down Ripley Road could be solved by placing a convex mirror on the other side of the road. The four pedestrian crossings (two puffin and two zebra one with island refuge) will have the effect of stopping traffic on a temporary basis, so being a prisoner in their houses should not be an issue.

Backing out onto a main road is never a good idea. Back in if you cannot turn round, far safer to drive out facing the traffic.

It would be an opportunity missed if the best solution to minimise air pollution (scheme one) is not implemented, because residents are not willing to compromise.

Trevor Ingledew