Letter: Badminton Club - Join us for a game of Pickleball!

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I read with regret that due to disinterest and lack of support Knaresborough Badminton Club has been forced to fold.

Well, every cloud has a silver lining and although through adversity in this case, you now have the opportunity to participate in an activity that combines the best of badminton and tennis.

It is the fastest growing sport in the USA and Canada...called Pickleball (Sour name..sweet game!).

In Britain it is played indoors on a badminton court (predominantly outdoors in the USA), and, once played, is totally addictive.It is already a part of the PE programme in Kent schools and regional, national and international tournaments covering all age ranges are being scheduled.

We currently have a mixed group of nine senior athletes, aged from 50 to 70 years of age, playing once a week at Knaresborough Community Centre.

A second session could be offered if there is sufficient interest (you do not have to be over 50!).

For more details, please contact the organisers Art and me, Sue Severn on 01423 861443, or email sue_severn@yahoo.co.uk.

Sue Severn