Letter: An appeal to the ‘indies’

Restaurants along John Street, Harrogate.
Restaurants along John Street, Harrogate.

I read Graham Chalmers’ Dear Reader article (Advertiser, August 10) with interest and fully endorse the drive for supporting our independent restaurants in Harrogate.

I remember 50 years ago when I could count on one hand the number of restaurants in Harrogate and now the town is full of them, but we have to acknowledge that a combination of chains and indies is good for the attraction of visitors.

However, I would like to make an appeal to the indies and the local residents without whom there would be no customers during the periods when the visitors don’t visit. How about a 10 per cent discount to attract the local residents all year round, maybe through a membership card?

If the indies support the locals, then the locals will support the indies. The chains will always attract the visitors because of their marketing budgets and this is where the indies can struggle.

Harrogate is a town where indies are vital to the local economy because the wealth generated is re-invested back into the local economy.

Come on Harrogatonians, it’s time to do our duty!

Gerry Walker