Letter: Allerton Park

Protesting against the proposed incinerator in North Yorkshire.
Protesting against the proposed incinerator in North Yorkshire.

Getting the priorities right

I am writing to ask whether NYCC councillors live in the same world as I do. I have read with dismay the letters from residents of North Yorkshire regarding the potential loss of essential elderly care and bus services, which in a lot of cases are essential.

This is the same council which has recently spent £7 million on a judicial review and other related items relating to the Allerton Waste Recovery incinerator.

This was withdrawn when NYCC saw there was no chance of winning against the Government, who withdrew the PFI for the incinerator earlier in 2013.

They are trying still to finalise this £1.4 billion white elephant, even though national Government, Harrogate Borough Council, Andrew Jones MP and others are telling them it is not viable.

The savings which the county projected in 2010 are no longer there and it will actually lose money over the projected period.

If the incinerator goes ahead the successors to the current council will be bound by contract and not have any opportunity to cut back, for at least 25 years, due to contractual deals with AmeyCespa. The incinerator will be a 24 hour seven day a week operation. Finding domestic waste will become more difficult as recycling becomes more and more prevalent.

I would like your readers to consider writing to their NYCC councillor and ask why this is happening, and ask how they can spend eye watering amounts on a project which is so costly that in future more cuts will have to happen to pay for this leviathan.

Is the loss of bus services and care for the elderly worth the gain of an uneconomical incinerator, I think not.

Peter Topham