Letter: Airport parking - Impractical proposal

Leeds Bradford Airport.  Picture Bruce Rollinson
Leeds Bradford Airport. Picture Bruce Rollinson

I have had recent experience of Manchester, Abu Dhabi, Sydney, Adelaide and Hong Kong airports dealing with one or two heavy bags. In Hong Kong one catches a train to immigration!

I now know for a fact that I would never use a facility that is being proposed for the Leeds Bradford Parkway station. Who in their right mind is going to park a car, manhandle luggage to a train and struggle to get it on board, then struggle to get it off and then up a ramp/or stairs, to wait for a bus and then repeat the exercise?

Manchester Airport station (and the broken travellators/lifts leading to it) is bad enough and Leeds station (which prohibits heavy baggage on escalators and which I had to diagonally cross) is not much better.

With Manchester being such a large airport, one could easily dispense with LBA with its extortionate parking charges and the senseless, ill conceived and impractical proposal. All it would take is the airport to waive its charges and make it more attractive to drop off directly (as everywhere else does) to ruin this scheme completely.

The local supporters could spend their time more profitably in getting a parkway station at Flaxby Moor.

Trevor Dale

Bachelor Gardens, Bilton