Letter: Air Quality - Enough is enough at Bond End

Bond End, Knaresborough.  (110725M2a)
Bond End, Knaresborough. (110725M2a)

Enough is enough. We all know that the air quality at Bond End , Knaresborough is way below acceptable levels and it is high time drastic action was taken.

We have been told that North Yorkshire County Council is endlessly prevaricating regarding a meeting of the Bond End working group, and, at the same time, planning applications are being put forward for housing on the Boroughbridge side of the junction, which would worsen the situation by introducing more vehicles into this bottleneck.

This is an urgent health issue and there are many potential options for changes which could be made to improve the situation. For example, one proposal is to replace traffic lights with mini roundabouts to stop vehicles racing for the lights, smooth the traffic flow and reduce queues of stationary and revving traffic pumping out emissions.

Bringing forward the obvious transition to electric buses instead of diesel is another strategy, as is setting up a local electric car-share scheme.

Introducing a ‘20’s Plenty’ speed limit in the area (and enforcing it) would be easy too.

None of these is rocket science: they just need the political will to support the momentum for change.

To make our point we will be demonstrating wearing face masks on Saturday, September 24, at noon at Bond End. We are inviting others to join us and/or display signs in their windows: book yours now.

Shan Oakes

Harrogate and District Green Party