Editor’s Comment: What a brilliant community effort

NADV 1403181AM20 Fire on Albert Street. Picture : Adrian Murray. (1403181AM20)
NADV 1403181AM20 Fire on Albert Street. Picture : Adrian Murray. (1403181AM20)

Harrogate is a town noted for its generosity to good causes.

But rarely does it pull together for one common cause in the way that it has for the people made homeless by the Albert Street fire last week.

For one person to send - anonymously - a cheque for £10,000 was incredibly generous. But equally heart warming are the stories of all the businesses who have contributed goods, clothes and furnishings to help the residents get back on their feet.

The smoke from the blaze effectively closed Harrogate town centre last Tuesday. Everyone in town was very aware of how serious the incident was, and that high visibility stirred many businesses into action. Social media too quickly spread the word on the plight of those who lived in the flats above the restaurant where the fire started, and were now without homes.

Community spirit can sometimes be difficult to foster in a town as large as Harrogate, but the last week has seen it manifest itself and be a great force for good. We are pleased to publish a roll of honour today to mark the generosity of all those individuals and businesses who have made such a difference to the residents whose lives have been turned upside down by this devastating fire.