Editor’s comment: Make haste to end the uncertainties

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The Local Plan, projecting development in the district up to 2035, had to go back to the drawing board after it was condemned by a government planning inspector for failing to plan enough homes to meet demand.

The projected 400 new homes a year being built across the Harrogate district was not enough to meet government targets, and he recommended the figure should be nearer 1,000 a year.

Since then, the council made a ‘call for sites’ and this week they have published what will be a highly controversial list of suggested sites for house building.

It’s a requirement for all local authorities, and the council is at pains to stress this doesn’t mean all the sites will be accepted onto the Local Plan. Indeed, many suggested sites are plainly ludicrous, but their inclusion in the list will still cause concern in and around their local communities.

So the message to the council now must be one of haste. Work quickly to identify the possible, and eliminate the ridiculous.

And then move swiftly to bring the revised Local Plan back for consultation as soon as possible this year before its submission in 2017.