YOUR SAY: Starbeck takeaway application withdrawn

Starbeck Shops. (1403186AM2)
Starbeck Shops. (1403186AM2)

An application to open a fish and chip shop to occupy an empty unit on Starbeck High Street has been withdrawn.

Submitted to Harrogate Borough Council (HBC) in February, the plans would have meant the area had more than 15 takeaways in less than a quarter of a mile.

According to HBC, the application was not in line with the national planning policy framework or the Harrogate district local plan.

A spokesperson said: “The agent was informed by HBC that the application could not be supported and had concluded that the proposal would have an unacceptably detrimental effect on the vitality and viability of the shopping centre.

“The hours of operation could be controlled and noise insulation conditioned to overcome concerns in these respects.

“However, the positioning of the flue currently would cause nuisance to the residential properties above to the detriment of their current levels of residential amenity.

“The application was withdrawn given this conclusion.”

Feather Smailes Scales - the estate agents acting on behalf of the applicant - declined to comment on the withdrawal of the application.

Starbeck politicians and residents joined Harrogate Advertiser series readers to have their say on the plans.

Starbeck Coun Janet Law (Lib Dem) said: “I am highly delighted the application has been withdrawn.

“We don’t need anymore takeaways in this area. We could do with something else.

“Whether they have found out that people don’t want it I don’t know. Local people have thought enough is enough.

“I am pleased that it has been withdrawn and I just hope it stays that way. Maybe now we could get a nice bakery or a greengrocer.”

However, commenting online, reader Ben Walker said: “If there are alternative applications to a new takeaway then sure, I’d support this, but Starbeck and the borough as a whole are in dire need of new jobs. Pressurising applications to ensure they’re withdrawn because you don’t want another takeaway might be a little too detrimental.

“I don’t want another takeaway but we need jobs, we need more people with an income, and if there are no alternatives, then alas, go for a takeaway.”

Jules Eliza said: “It’s just no wonder so many people are unhealthy when you see how many takeaways exist in our area, and Starbeck and surrounding areas are littered with them.

“Though I don’t live there myself, I do use the Post Office and other shops there quite regularly and I can see why the application was strongly objected to.”