YOUR SAY RESULTS: What do you think would be the best solution to end the traffic congestion nightmare in Harrogate?

We asked out readers: "What do you think would be the best solution to the traffic congestion nightmare in Harrogate?"
We asked out readers: "What do you think would be the best solution to the traffic congestion nightmare in Harrogate?"

This week it emerged that a long-awaited bypass for Harrogate was one-step closer to reality after a new transport plan for North Yorkshire was approved.

A steering group will look at options for a relief road to ease congestion and improve east-west connectivity.

New Harrogate bypass moves one step closer

Will North Yorkshire's new transport plan bring necessary change?

We asked our followers on Twitter and Facebook: “What do you think would be the best solution to the traffic congestion nightmare in Harrogate?”

We had an impressive range of suggestions, with a bypass, a park and ride, improvements to the traffic lights system and even trams put forward as potential solutions.

They included:


Rich Skirrow No sensible route to Beckwithshaw end of Otley Road serving Cardale Park and Police Station. Some appalling traffic volumes using country lanes around Burn Bridge, etc. Perhaps complete the bypass to take the strain.

Harrogate town centre is busy, I don't think that can be changed too much more, however, traffic needs to keep flowing beyond the central system(s).

It'll be interesting to see who gets the budget!?

Graham Hyde I wonder if the Advertiser could campaign for HBC or NYCC (I forget who commissioned it) to make available to the public, the raw data that was captured as part of the traffic surveys that were carried out last year? Perhaps by engaging the community with some real facts and figures and letting those who are interested to and have the skills and time, to establish the facts and perhaps we could all have a big picture view of what is going on with the traffic in Harrogate? We could then look at identifying some small changes, test them, measure the results, and perhaps then implement them. Small changes add up to big changes.

Mick Foster Build the By Pass, Park and Ride, Traffic free zone in town centre apart from buses and registered taxis.

Mal Thomson With so many cars on the road we need a full bypass for those who are driving through or a Park & Ride scheme for those coming to visit. It would also help in there was better & more reliable public transport for all areas, not just the ones that are more profitable.

Amanda Bradwell Years of asking for a by-pass , instead we get a number of badly designed traffic light junctions, causing the congestion, not adding to it.

Michael Mèŕŕy Middleton Trams! Quick and reliable I swear by them after just been to Amsterdam this weekend gone. Very efficient.

Paul Harper Very cheap buses or even free is the only way to tempt people out of cars and a bypass and less traffic lights.

Paul Atkinson One consideration could be to replace congestion creating traffic light systems with free flowing roundabouts or as in the case of lower Station Parade, complete removal.

Neil Harper Bypass (Pannal to Pennypot) (Ripley to A59 ) and Kex Gill upgrade.

Majella Fergus There is only one proper solution which is a proper out-of-town bypass. End of.

Claire Wood Park and ride - would also relieve the parking issues

Ewa Matluch Bus transport is absolutely unreliable, until this changes people will be choosing their own cars.

Graham Trev Hull Trams are miles better and faster than buses so knock down our bus station and build tram lines please.

Anna Harper A bypass.


James Beal @Jamesbeal39

Stop building more houses for a start.

HowdiDoodi @HowdiDoodiDJ

Fewer sets of traffic lights! And program the traffic lights that do exist to work together rather than as individual sets.

Build a bypass from Knaresborough to Killinghall to get through-traffic away from the Empress roundabout.

Remove the bus stop that's right after the Empress roundabout on the A61 Knaresborough Road.

Repaint a yellow box grid on the Empress roundabout to help drivers understand they shouldn't block it if they can't exit.

Alan Swales @swalesey_LUFC

Pedestrianise Skipton road

David Meadus @davidmeadus

Surely a Harrogate Ring Road?