YOUR SAY: One takeaway too many for Starbeck?

Starbeck Shops. (1403186AM1)
Starbeck Shops. (1403186AM1)

Plans for another takeaway on Starbeck High Street have been submitted, causing concern among local councillors.

Proposed to Harrogate Borough Council as a fish and chip shop, the plans for changing the use of 40 High Street, Starbeck, would mean that the area would have 15 takeaways in less than a quarter of a mile, according to councillors.

Though the area does not currently have a fish and chip shop, as a hot food takeaway the establishment could become another pizza or Chinese eatery, adding to the burgeoning number in the Starbeck area.

Coun Janet Law (Lib Dem) said: “We have got four Chinese takeaways, and in April we will have four pizza places.

“There is not another place in Harrogate that has such a lot of takeaways in such close proximity as Starbeck.

“In less than a quarter of a mile we must have 15 or 16 eating places. It is just getting ridiculous.”

The proposal, which will be approved or denied by the council on April 3, states that the High Street shop will provide employment opportunities for the area and contribute to its economic growth.

Despite this, Coun Philip Broadbank (Lib Dem), worried about the effect a new takeaway would have on Starbeck’s other eating establishments.

He said: “I don’t know how many jobs they said they would create, but when job claims are made there is an impact on other places which may have to close down as a result.

“If it turns from a fish and chip shop into another kind of takeaway it is bound to have an impact on the other businesses in the area.

“What we need ideally is more independent retailers. That would attract people to shop in the area, but if it is full of takeaways it will be busy in the evenings but during the day it won’t attract many people, and that changes the character of the area.”

Coun Law said existing businesses in the area have also voiced concerns about the possibility of yet another food establishment.

She said: “One or two of the shops around the area have said that if another one opens their business will go down. They are already struggling.

“One business owner said that they are only just keeping their heads above water.

“We are inundated with traffic as well, and there is hardly any parking, but they don’t seem to take that into account.”

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