Yorkshire village mourns celebrity peacock

Warwick the Tockwith peacockWarwick the Tockwith peacock
Warwick the Tockwith peacock
A Yorkshire village is in mourning after a popular avian resident was found dead.

The peacock, nicknamed Warwick, has lived in Tockwith, near Wetherby, for over a decade.

Villagers have expressed their shock after the bird was found dead in a garden on Prince Rupert Drive this week.

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The peacock, which at one time had a male companion, is thought to have been living wild in the village, and it is not known where he originally came from.

Kriston Wright, who found the peacock in his garden, posted on Facebook:

"Hi all, I have sad news - we found the peacock dead in the garden last night. I thought he was resting but as it got darker he did not go up to roost on our porch like he normally does so we went to check him and found he had passed away.I will hold onto him for a few days for anyone to claim or if everyone is content I will bury him in the back garden. He will be sadly missed by our family!"

The death sparked an outpouring of grief in the village, Ann Towers commented:

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"What a shame. But he had a good life and brought people a lot of pleasure right round the village!"

Leanne Bower added:

"He'll be sadly missed, I for one would appreciate him being buried in a garden he frequented often and not taken away somewhere to be disposed of. Many thanks Kriston for offering. Fly free Mr Peacock."