Yorkshire advent calendar - December 2: Christmas jumpers from £4 to £400

As Christmas approaches, we look at where to buy your festive jumpers. From £4 to £400 we have roadtested Yorkshire’s Christmas jumper selection so you don’t have to.

Wednesday, 2nd December 2015, 8:00 am
Christmas Jumpers in Harrogate: The Harrogate Advertiser Series reporters have roadtested several woollen offerings from retailers across the town

PRIMARK: The king of the high street Christmas jumper, Primark is piled high with festive-themed goodies, but be warned at least one other person in the pub is bound to have the same bargain knit as you on.

1: (£12) This cute little penguin is sure to make you smile, until the music starts. Seriously, the jumper sings jingle bells. Possible the most annoying Christmas jumper in Harrogate. 2: (£12) Ever wanted to be Father Christmas? Well, Primark have given you the chance this year. Just pop this jumper on, stick a Santa hat on your head and you’ll be speeding down chimneys in no time.

3: (£16) Not quite a traditional Christmas jumper but still - ladies let’s give Santa a run for his money. 4: (£12) Feel yummy with a ginger bread man emblazoned on your chest with this tasty number.

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The Harrogate Advertiser team show off eight jumpers found in Primark (one to eight from top left to right)

5: (£12) It’s been the year of the selfie and what better way to capture that this Christmas than with an elf? 6: (£12) Complete with real fluffy wings, this Christmas owl jumper will definitely keep you warm in the winter!

7: (£12) You could be your very own Christmas decoration with this snazzy, jazzy jumper. The fairy lights will ensure your always the brightest at a party. 8: (£14) Ever wanted to dress as an advent calendar? No? Not really? In case you change your mind, Primark has this gem of a jumper.

H&M, TK MAXX and SPORTS DIRECT: From fancy dress to festive fair isle, H&M boasts a wide range of bargain knits to keep the winter chill out. Good things also come to those who are willing to scour the rails, and at TK Maxx and Sports Direct, keep your eyes peeled for seasonal sweaters, which no one else is likely to have.

9: (£5.99) Get snug with your pug, this bling-filled bargain brings a bit of the current canine craze to a traditional Christmas. 10: (£24.99) A sprinkling of snowflakes give this fluffy blue jumper a wintery twist. 11: (£24.99) Understated and warm, this jazzy jumper from H&M is a good investment. This winter wonder could see you all through the season with its simple festive feel.

Budget buys: Four women's classics from H&M, top, (9-12), and male and female offerings from Sports Direct and TKMaxx below (13-16)

12: (£19.99) Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, had a very shiny nose. Or not with this ruby ribbon in place of a glowing nose. More fancy dress than festive jumper. 13: (£15) One of the more colourful offerings this Christmas. This jumper tries (and succeeds) to squeeze almost everything synonymous with festivity onto it, culminating in a cataclysm of merriment. 14: (£24.99) In between a full blown cringe Christmas jumper and your standard knitwear, this cute winter woolly can be found in the rails of TK Maxx

15: (£15) Who doesn’t love reindeers at Christmas? However, this particular reindeer is riddled with double entendre. Think night out with the lads rather than meal with your grandparents. 16: (£24.99) Although not strictly a Christmas jumper TK Maxx’s rails were packed with fair isle knits like this kew 159 wool jumper.

CHARITY SHOP AND ASDA: Apparently not everyone is a fan of a festive knit and charity shops are full of unworn and unloved Christmas gems. We found four examples at Cancer Research UK. Elsewhere, the supermarket aisles might not necessarily spring to mind as a top place to buy clothing, but Asda come out on top with the happiest Christmas jumpers we could find.

17: (£8) Frosty the Snowman was abandoned in the rails of the Cancer Research charity shop on Beulah Street. 18: (£4) Christmas jumpers not your thing? Snow? Keep things simple and even get into the spirit of giving this season by heading down to your local charity shop for festive finds like this one. 19: (£4) For anyone who can’t get enough of The Snowman, this is the jumper for you. The happiness and heartbreak of the classic Christmas tale is perfectly captured in one fantastic jumper. 20: (£8) Let’s face it, you are only going to wear a jumper like this once, so second hand is the way to go.

Bargain buys: Cancer Research UK (17-20). Bottom from left: Asda's top offerings (21-24)

21: (£15) What’s more Christmassy than Santa? Nothing. The absolute embodiment of the most wonderful time of the year with his face stuck on a jumper. Beard sticks out for added effect/hilarity. 22 (£15) The John Lewis penguin advert may have been so 2014 but this jumper still perfectly celebrates one of the world’s most loved animals. If that’s not enough, the penguin’s scarf even sticks out, what more can you ask for?

23: (£16) As Frozen’s popularity continues to grow, get in on the action with a happy little Olaf jumper. Sing it with me now… Let it go, let it goooooo. 24: (£12) A Christmas jumper slightly less imposing than its competitors. Nothing sticks out, there’s no massive Santa face but the reindeers ensure it’s still got the holiday feels. The nice pattern and colour mean this one could be a favourite.

HOOPERS: Harrogate’s premier department store boasts the sparkliest Christmas window in the town. There are no gimmicky Santas or snowmen in the rails in Hoopers, just high quality winter woollies with a slight sprinkling of Christmas sparkle.

25: (£60) If there is ever a time to wear a super sparkly jumper it is Christmas time. This French Connection number will keep stand out from the crowd.

Up-market: Three classy jumpers from Harrogate store Hoopers, top, (25-27), with expensive options from Jack Wills (28-29) and Broca (30) below.

26: (£135) Here’s a free answer to that impossible Christmas quiz. Every snowflake has six points. This subtle, and classy Christmas account will certainly keep you warm over the winter.

27: (£85) Harrogate’s premier department store, Hoopers is a bit too posh for snowmen and tinsel, but the Nordic bib on this French Connection jumper puts this knit on the right side of classy Christmas.

JACK WILLS AND BRORA: Harrogate is well known for its top shopping and high end high street stores. These jumpers cost a little bit more than your average snowman-themed sweater, but are worth every penny and make the perfect yuletide gift.

28: (£69) Not as obvious as some other Christmas jumpers but a Nordic pattern on a ruby red jumper certainly ticks the festive box.

29: (£89) There’s no Santa Claus, no reindeers and no reindeers rife with innuendo but we still think this offering from Jack Wills will go down a treat. Who says you can’t look stylish and festive at the same time while?

30: (Jumper £375, hat £115) Add a bit of après ski frivolity to your winter wardrobe with this fantastic cashmere knit. The jumper is part of Brora’s exclusive collaboration with top designer Eudon Choi, and the cashmere hat tops off the look.