Woman raised funds after holiday horror

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A Harrogate woman trekked 26 miles to raise funds for the Moroccan Primate Conservation Foundation after being horrified by the conditions she witnessed on a city break to Marrakech.

Kaye Kent was shocked by the treatment of barbary macaques in the city when on holiday earlier in the year.

Miss Kent said: “I was not quite prepared for the sight of monkeys there.

“They were dressed in nappies and shabby clothes, chained around their necks and being literally thrown on to tourists for money.”

“I drove back to the square in a taxi to take photos and saw their cramped rusting cages.

“The thought of how terrifying their daily existence must be haunted me for the rest of my holiday.”

When she returned to Harrogate Miss Kent started to research charities working in the area and how to get involved.

“I started looking at the big international charities but wanted something specific to what I had seen in Morocco.

“I was close to giving up when I found the Moroccan Primate Conservation Foundation.”

On June 22, Miss Kent took part in a Hadrian’s Wall Trekathon to raise funds for the Moroccan Primate Conservation Foundation, covering 26 miles in one day. To sponsor Kaye visit www.mpcfoundation.org.uk/fundraising#kaye.