William and Kate in royal thank you to Knaresborough pupil

An 11-year-old girl from Knaresborough has received a thank-you letter from Buckingham Palace.

Izzie Davies, who was 10 at the time, wrote and sent a story to Princess Charlotte following the royal birth in May.

The story, titled ‘Percy’s Leaf’, features a snail named Percy who enjoys eating leaves.

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Caroline Davies, Izzie’s mother, said: “Izzie thought everyone would be sending princess stories. She wanted to do something different.

“She thought an illustrated bedtime story for Charlotte and her brother would be a change.”

Izzie, who has just left Goldsborough Primary School, was busy colouring and writing in her bedroom for two days.

“She wrote a story and a letter and looked up the postcode of the palace. It’s really nice that she did it off her own back,” said Mrs Davies.

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The reply arrived early morning on Tuesday, August 18, and read:

“Their Royal Highnesses were delighted to read your charming tale, with its beautiful illustrations, and were touched that you should take the trouble to write.

“It was really most thoughtful of you and the Duke and Duchess send you their warmest thanks and best wishes.”

They also received a photo of the Duke, Duchess and Princess herself.

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Izzie said: “I was really excited. Mum said that I can hang the letter in a frame.

“I don’t really write stories apart from at school but I just wanted to do it.”

Caroline added: “We’re really proud of her initiative and taking the time to do this, so getting the letter with a Buckingham Palace post mark on this morning was very exciting!”