When will it stop raining in Harrogate today and what is the weather for the rest of the week?

Harrogate is set for another very wet day with weather forecasters predicting a morning of heavy rain across the district.

Thursday, 31st October 2019, 11:21 am

Have your say - Were the UCI cycling championships a success for Harrogate and the district?As Harrogate wakes to yet more rain this morning, the Met Office is warning that the chance of precipitation will remain above 90% right through the morning and above 80% at least until 1pm.

The forecast suggests that the rain will ease off for the afternoon with only a 10% chance from 3pm onwards and then less than 5% from 7pm and through the night.

Council insists it is working to restore the Stray after UCI cycling event and torrential rain takes its tollBy contrast, Wednesday is looking glorious with uninterrupted sunshine expected throughout the day with a high temperature of 12C expected by mid-afternoon.

Harrogate weather hour-by-hour (% chance of rain):

8am: 95%

9am: 95%

10am: 90%

11am: 90%

Midday: 90%

2pm: 50%

3pm: 10%

4pm: 10%

5pm: 10%

6pm: 10%

7pm: 5%

8pm: 5%

9pm: 5%

10pm: 5%

11pm: 5%