What's in store for Ripon in 2019: Ripon Together looks at what we can expect

Following the overwhelming success of Ripon's First World War commemorations, charities and community groups across the city are urging residents to help keep the momentum going in 2019.
Ripon Together has announced a number of its objectives for the coming year.Ripon Together has announced a number of its objectives for the coming year.
Ripon Together has announced a number of its objectives for the coming year.

Ripon Community Poppy Project galvanised the whole city to knit more than 55,000 knitted poppies to line the route for Remembrance this year, and dozens of commemorative events were organised to run alongside these stunning displays.

Now, talk is turning to what exactly residents can do to continue the extraordinary community spirit that was showcased throughout the special season of Remembrance.

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As part of this, community interest company Ripon Together has announced that one of its main objectives for the year ahead will be to ensure that there is a legacy from Ripon’s Armistice commemorations.

Lindy Webb, who is one of the directors on the board of Ripon Together said: “I would say that in these days of social and political division, the way Ripon has shown the rest of the UK what community spirit really means, and what can be achieved, is really remarkable. The poppy project was largely driven by the older generation, which then set the rest of Ripon on fire to make it something everyone could be part of - grandmas teaching children how to knit, etcetera.

“The legacy, I hope, will be to keep this community spirit alive. Yorkshire Day and the St Wilfrid’s procession would be a wonderful chance for all Riponians to do this, and Ripon Together will be right there to help.”

Ripon Together launched as a city-wide partnership between Ripon Cathedral, Harrogate and Ripon Centres for Voluntary Service, Ripon Civic Society, Ripon Chamber of Trade and Commerce, Ripon City Council, Visit Ripon, and the team behind the Blow Your Horn Ripon Facebook forum.

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Their first public meeting was held back in February. The organisation’s vision is to deliver a raft of projects that develop and improve the city for the benefit of both residents and visitors.

Lindy said Ripon’s neighbourhood plan will be vital for the city’s future, and hopes that all residents will support it when it goes to referendum on February 14.

She said: “I hope that Ripon will be rejuvenated and become the jewel in Yorkshire’s crown - an example of just what happens when a vision of sympathetic conservation and regeneration becomes a reality.”

Ripon Together’s other ideas include the development of a volunteer register to support events, linking to proposals and projects contained in the Ripon City Plan, supporting plans for Ripon’s Christmas events, and linking in with the UCI Road World Championships.

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