What is Harrogate's new bar The Last Post actually like?

Gone - The Slip Inn on Cold Bath Road, Harrogate.
Gone - The Slip Inn on Cold Bath Road, Harrogate.

One of Harrogate's most oldfashioned pubs has been replaced by a craft beer bar - and another new champagne bar may be coming to Harrogate.

The good news is that a brand new modern bar The Last Post has already risen from the ashes of The Slip Inn.

If you visit The Last Post on Cold Bath Road just up the road from The Fat Badger you will notice no trace of its ancient predecessor.

The Last Post is a little bit of Leeds in Harrogate with all the hallmarks of a quietly on-trend craft beer bar in the city.

It works. It looks good, feels good and has a good, if small-ish, range of beers.

All in all, The Last Post is a welcome addition to Harrogate's burgeoning bar scene.

Located just across from the Italian Connection, interestingly, work is going on for another new Harrogate bar in the same area.

The sign just up from the Italian Connection says "Seafood and Champagne bar" .

Let's see what happens,
As for now deceased Slip Inn, it was once described by online pub guide www.whatpub.com as a "traditional old boozer".

It stood on Cold Bath Road for at least 30 years, quietly doing business in the days of the Adelphi Hotel up the road - before that was turned into elderly residential apartments.
Its successor, The Last Post Social House has already been successful in Ripponden where the Social House has been a huge hit since it was opened in 2008.

The Last Post brand was the brainchild of Lee Roberts, Adrian Burr and Sarah Stuttle who has previously been responsible for successful foodie in West Vale and Holmfirth.
A spokesman said: "We see a huge potential for The Last Post in Harrogate. People just want a great place to have a drink and be social.
"It's cocktails and champagne for the ladies and tasty beers for the gents."
The Last Post will also be offering live cricket and football screenings, quiz nights and occasional live music.