The Week in the Life column with Keith Tordoff

O Man it is hot. Well it is in that country as I had visitors to our shop from Oman who told me that they were in this country to escape the temperatures there of fifty degrees with 80% humidity.

Friday, 27th July 2018, 11:28 am
An open-sided charabanc was towed around Pateley during the Yorkshire in Bloom judging day.

Apparently many people in that country are Vitamin D deficient as they have to stay inside to avoid the sun.

The current heat wave in this country have caused some problems for people especially those involved in gardening.

In some areas of Yorkshire groups have withdrawn from the Yorkshire in Bloom competition judging as their flowers have not grown and they would have nothing to show.

Many of the groups that have withdrawn had planted or sown seeds for wild flower meadows, but they have either not grown or produced flowers.

There is always an exception to the rule and in Pateley Bridge, below the bridge over the River Nidd, the wildflower meadow we seeded has come on beautifully.

The wildflower meadow was one of the projects that the Pateley in Bloom group worked on and showed to the judges from the Yorkshire in Bloom competition last Wednesday. The wildflower meadow was supposed to flower red, white and blue – the theme of Pateley Bridge’s entry in the competition representing one hundred years of the RAF. You will have noticed that it is predominantly blue and white – the red poppies have not come through yet.

Judging day in Pateley Bridge for the Yorkshire in bloom competition was a fantastic day conducted in a carnival type atmosphere. Transport around Pateley Bridge in a charabanc being towed by a John Deere tractor (courtesy of Ripon Farm Services) certainly helped create that atmosphere. The open sided charabanc carried 30 passengers including the judges, dignitaries, some cubs and a TV film crew.

On board was one of Pateley Bridge’s most ardent supporters David Kerfoot MBE, Deputy Lieutenant of North Yorkshire representing Her Majesty the Queen.

The judges as you would expect gave nothing away as to how Pateley Bridge had done but I get the feeling with the welcome they received and what they were shown of the town they went away impressed.

We will have to wait until Tuesday 11 September to find out if we have managed to secure the gold award.

Pateley Bridge does look beautiful with all the floral displays and this brings with it many benefits. Like the wildflower meadow that is already attracting butterflies and bees the High Street looks so attractive it is attracting visitors.

I was talking with a gentleman last week who said he had decided to purchase a static caravan on a site in the area as after stopping to look around Pateley Bridge.

He told me he had made the decision to invest in a static caravan in the area as clearly the people in Pateley Bridge had a pride in their town with the shops and facilities he would require.

While on the topic of shops I am pleased to report yet more positive feedback to businesses from customers using the newly introduced free parking scheme.

A customer who purchased an item for over £100 in a shop said he had only decided to shop on the High Street as he was able to quickly stop and knew he would recover his parking fee when making the purchase.

Finally I would like to wish Margaret Kendrew who has retired from Pateley Bridge Pharmacy after an amazing 55 years working there a long and happy well deserved retirement.