The Week in the Life column with Keith Tordoff

Another busy week during which I met up with retired Reverend Chris Stark MBE, daughter Emma, Olive Moyes, Methodist Mike and his wife Julia. We gathered at the Granary Tea Rooms to discuss the plans for the '˜wedding of the decade' between the retired Rev Chris, 82, and Olive, 75, which is taking place on the Saturday of this year's Pateley Bridge 1940s event.

Friday, 9th March 2018, 10:30 am
Here I am pictured with Scott outside the sweet shop.

The wedding is certainly bringing the churches of the Dale together with Methodist Mike conducting the service (for a retired reverend) and he will have Rev Darryl Hall and Father Mike Walsh officiating with him.

I am arranging the arrival of the groom and bride to be at Pateley Bridge Methodist church and for their departure to the wedding reception. Make sure you are around Pateley Bridge on the afternoon of Saturday 28 July to witness something really special! Okay I will give you a clue to what you will see which will include Jeeps, Rolls Royce cars and planes! Oh and buses!

Talking of which I have been meeting lots of wonderful people who showed an interest following the appeal in this newspaper to raise money for a new bus service. We only had days to raise thousands of pounds if the bus service from West Yorkshire to Nidderdale was to go ahead this year. The appeal in this paper brought an immediate response. I was contacted by Ben Holmes who lives and operates his business Holmes Planning Ltd from Nidderdale who had read the appeal.

Ben very generously agreed to provide the money required to fund the cash shortfall meaning the bus service can start in May.

Ben appreciates the delights of Nidderdale and wanted to support a bus service which will give access to the countryside to people from urban areas who without this bus service may not have been able to. Thank you Ben and of course to the other individuals, councils and businesses who have supported this initiative.

Whilst around the country rural bus services are disappearing Nidderdale is creating new ones, sending out the message that Pateley Bridge and Nidderdale has a vibrant community working together.

Once again I have been to London, having kindly been invited to the premiere of a film I recently referred to in this feature. The film is called Scott and Sid, a story based on the life of two Yorkshire lads chasing their dreams with the aim of becoming filmmakers. Both Bradford lads have partly achieved their dream with this fantastic, inspirational and gritty Yorkshire film.

I say partly achieved as they have already started to work on their next film and their goal is an Oscar within 10 years.

At the premiere, besides spending the evening with Scott and Sid, I met up with British film legend Sir Sydney Samuelson CBE who was their very special guest.

I am sure many will remember me writing about Sir Sydney when he came to Pateley Bridge last year to introduce a silent movie which raised funds for local charities.

The event in Pateley was where Scott and Sid were first introduced by me to Sir Sydney. The wheel as they say had come full circle with them all meeting up again.

Talking of wheels, Welcome to Yorkshire have announced for this year’s Tour de Yorkshire (in conjunction with the Yorkshire Post) they are running a competition to find the ‘Best Dressed’ town or village on the route of the race. Guess which photo from a previous year’s race was used to promote the competition on the Welcome to Yorkshire’s website and twitter pages. Yes you guessed it – Pateley Bridge!