Week in the Life column with Keith Tordoff

Jo Dobbs, head teacher of Dacre Braithwaite school next to the work created around the historic clock.
Jo Dobbs, head teacher of Dacre Braithwaite school next to the work created around the historic clock.

Last week I wrote about geese that seem keener to walk than fly – well would you believe it – on Friday evening I was with Gloria in York and there in the middle of the city centre were more geese walking along.

The tourists were taking photos of them and on seeing us, the geese started following us street by street at times in the middle of the road.

Concerned for their safety we decided to make a detour away from our intended destination and headed towards the River Ouse to lead the geese to water.

Observing animal behaviour as we know often manifests itself in humans and I felt this was apparent having watched a pack of cyclists in Pateley Bridge on Saturday.

Arriving at Kendall’s Farm Butchers, clearly looking for an energy boost, all dismounted leaving their bikes in the alleyway to the side of Beauty Boutique.

The majority of the group headed next door to Kendall’s drooling as they looked at the fantastic array of pies on display before going to make their purchases.

Like the geese last week, there is always one who trails behind the group. The last cyclist briefly lost sight of the others and walked through the door of Beauty Boutique thinking it was the pie shop entrance.

Last week also saw me meeting again with Jo Dobbs, head teacher of Dacre Braithwaite CE primary school.

I went along to the school with Kirsty as Jo had kindly invited us so we could be shown around the school and to discuss their plans for the school clock restoration.

Visiting any school for me is always thought provoking (I used to be that kid outside the headmaster’s office!) as my late mother was a primary school teacher.

At the school Jo showed us the work the pupils were doing about the background history of the historic school clock.

The clock had been installed at the school following the Great War in memory of seven local men who had lost their lives in it.

The children also remember two local men who lost their lives in World War II.

I read letters that these young children have been writing to the men who died fighting for our country. Talk about emotional and later when I told my wife about this, she cried with it bringing back memories of her Great Uncle who was killed by a sniper a hundred years ago this year.

My wife’s Grandma throughout her life had a photo of her brother which she carried at all times. Fundraising for the school clock restoration goes on.

Well-known local man John Fort was a governor at the school and until recently was a North Yorkshire County Councillor.

He has been instrumental in getting funding towards the clock appeal.

John is now publicity officer for the Nidderdale Agricultural Show which this year is on Monday 25 September.

I spoke to John a few days ago and he told me about local man Gordon Simpson who is Chief Walling Steward at the Nidderdale Agriculture Show.

Gordon is part of the team what won a gold medal winner at this years at the RHS 2017 Chelsea Flower Show. Gordon was assisted at the event by two other local men Tom Houseman and James Metcalfe.

Gold medal winners in our midst!

Talking of gold medals, Pateley Bridge are aiming for gold with its entry in this year’s Yorkshire in Bloom competition which will be judged on Monday 10 July.

I will tell you more next week about our VIP who has kindly agreed to come along on behalf of Pateley Bridge and welcome the judges – all very exciting stuff!