Amazing video shows Halifax double decker bus in mad powerslide drift through the snow

Thousands of people have shared this crazy video of a bus which entered a scary looking skid powerslide in the heavy snow

Friday, 15th January 2021, 4:13 pm
Updated Friday, 15th January 2021, 5:12 pm

The double decker First Bus was seen suddenly drifting - one would assume, accidentally - on the road through Halifax earlier today.

The photo, captured by Scott Downsborough shows a double decker First bus pulling a powerslide through a road near the Matalan store in Halifax.

As one Twitter user called it, in the video for 'Fast and Furious: Halifax Drift': the bus can be seen starting to list, before turning into the drift even harder and then fully losing itself in a deep powerslide.

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Going... going.... GONE! This Halifax bus driver pulled a mad drift on a road near the Matalan store in Halifax this afternoon, as this video by Scott Downsborough shows

The driver did exceptionally well to wrest control of the vehicle back from the ice beneath its wheels and avoid smashing straight into an oncoming car, turning its mad impressive cold manoeuvre into a sterling piece of snow safety in practice.

A spokesman for First Bus Halifax said: "One of our buses was involved in difficulties on Charlestown Road, Halifax due to the extreme weather conditions.

"Our driver's skill and quick thinking brought the bus to a safe stop after sliding on snow, preventing it from colliding with other vehicles. There were no passengers on board, the driver was unhurt and returned to the depot."