Watch: Reporter cut from car in Harrogate firefighter drill

Although two days are rarely the same for journalists, getting cut out of a car by Harrogate firefighters on a Monday morning (November 10) is particularly out of the ordinary.

After spending an evening shift with the firefighters on Wednesday (November 5), I was invited back on Monday morning to play the part of a driver in a road traffic collision drill.

NADV 1411101AM7 Dan at Fire Station. (1411101AM7)

NADV 1411101AM7 Dan at Fire Station. (1411101AM7)

In this particular drill, the firefighters had to rescue the unconscious victim from the vehicle with no immediate access points.

As I sat in the front seat, glass smashing around me, the firefighters used their machinery to remove the roof of the car to transport me to safety.

Watch the video above to see the firefighters perform the drill and read this week’s Harrogate Advertiser to find out the six things I learnt from my shift at Harrogate Fire Station.