WATCH: Biker’s head on collision with car in Harrogate

The incident took place on Jenny Field Drive.
The incident took place on Jenny Field Drive.

A motorbike rider has shared his experience online after his helmet camera recorded a head on collision with a car in Jennyfields.

Thomas Bardon, 24 shared the video on his Youtube channel and posted pictures of the scene on Twitter, after the incident took place on Jenny Field Drive.

Mr Bardon spoke about his injuries in the description of his Youtube video, which was posted on November 23.

He said: "I was taken by ambulance to Harrogate hospital and immobilized on a spinal board, after the adrenaline wore off I couldn't walk as both my legs had been smashed.

"I had a full set of xrays on my chest, pelvis and neck as precaution all came back clear. When I hit the car bonnet and windshield I landed hard on my elbow, shoulder and head, my body armour saved most of my upper body from injury and my knee pad saved my right knee from injury."

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