Watch: 'A blight on the community,' appeal after fly-tipping near Harrogate

Police are appealing for information after fly-tippers left children's toys, broken furniture and other goods strewn across a country lane near Harrogate.

Both North Yorkshire Police and Harrogate Borough Council have today shared details of the incident on Greenhow Hill Road, describing the act as a 'blight' on the community.

A police patrol discoveredthe piles of rubbish yesterday

A police patrol discoveredthe piles of rubbish yesterday

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A police patrol discovered the piles of rubbish yesterday (Monday, July 2) and shared images and video online. It is believed the items could have been taken from a recent house clearance, and police are appealing for residents who recognise items to contact HBC.

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Sgt Paul Cording of North Yorkshire Police said: ""Fly-tipping costs councils thousands of pounds to clear up and is a blight on the community. Please share with your friends and family, and if anyone has paid someone for a house clearance or recognises the items please do get in touch with Harrogate Borough Council. We are acting in conjunction with the council and will be using all of our powers robustly to address this issue which has been highlighted recently."

Among the other items found by officers were plastic green tables and chairs and toys.

HBC further highlighted the impact of fly-tipping to the district, with clear-ups costing tens of thousands of pounds a year.

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A spokesperson said: "“There is never an excuse for illegally dumping rubbish. Fly-tipping is a blight on society and costs us £40,000 a year to clear-up in just the Harrogate district alone.

“It’s a cost which is being borne – unfairly – by the council tax payer.

If you pay for someone to take your rubbish away, insist on seeing the person’s waste carriers licence and make sure you get a receipt for the waste that has been collected.

“If they can’t produce a licence, send them away or you risk getting a criminal record yourself if the rubbish is fly-tipped.