Walk this way to support fell rescue team

Walkers at last year's Wharfedale Three Peaks Challenge. It takes place on Saturday 30 June this year.
Walkers at last year's Wharfedale Three Peaks Challenge. It takes place on Saturday 30 June this year.

Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association column with David Dennis

The cavers and the other club members from that dramatic day are returning to the Dales to take part in our Wharfedale Three Peaks Challenge in support of team funds.

The group all belong to the Sheffield University Speleology Society and had found themselves trapped by rising snow melt.

The rescue operation was the largest and most complex rescue we have performed for some years and it was a great moment to get them back to the surface after their 26 hours ordeal.

Also taking part in our fundraising event will be some members of the Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation who were in the area at the time and gave valuable assistance.

As reunions go this will be a very emotional occasion and we are looking forward to meeting them all again.

We had been so impressed with the resilience and positiveness of these young cavers and we paid tribute to each one of them and the Derbyshire caving colleagues for how they had helped each other and indeed us in this most prolonged and successful rescue

Now in its fifth year our major fundraising event takes place on Saturday 30 June.

It offers three routes; Route one takes in Birks Fell, Buckden Pike and Great Whernside, covering 22 miles.

Route two is 13.5 miles covering Buckden Pike and Great Whernside. Both these routes cost £18 per person.

Dogs cannot be taken on these two routes due to strict land access restrictions.

These two routes have been recognised by the Long Distance Walkers Association and in addition to walkers they also soon became attracted to runners and we have included a time recording system for those seeking to break records or to achieve personal best times.

The third route is the popular family valley walk on part of the Dales Way and taking in Paradise Walk.

The cost for individuals is £12 and £20 for a family of four. We are pleased to say that dogs can be added to this walk.

All events start and finish in Kettlewell with free parking and a free hot meal at the finish along with free T-shirts and medals.

Last year’s event brought in a much needed £6,500 to support our annual running costs which now stand at £50,000.

We don’t get any formal funding and fundraising has to be a part of membership.

We are approaching our 70th anniversary at the end of August and we owe so much to the public for their donations and fundraising that has kept us going all these years.

It is always a great day out and most of the team will be on duty across the routes to not just watch over the course but to have some good chats with the entrants.

More details and signing in details can be found by going to uwfra.org.uk/w3p.