VIDEO: Most expensive item in Antiques Roadshow history unearthed in Harrogate

It seems Harrogate is home to some of the most valuable memorabilia in the country after the Antiques Roadshow visited the town yesterday.

The show revealed that the Yorkshire Challenge cup, held by Harrogate Rugby club is worth around £20,000.

Filming of the Antiques Roadshow at the Harrogate Royal Hall (Picture: Adrian Murray)

Filming of the Antiques Roadshow at the Harrogate Royal Hall (Picture: Adrian Murray)

What’s more, another antique from the town was the highest valued item to ever appear on the show in its 38 year history!

With an estimated value of more than £1million pounds, the full details of the treasure will be revealed when the show broadcasts next year.

Graham Siswick, Team Manager for Harrogate Rugby Club brought the Yorkshire Challenge Cup to the show and spoke about its history before they went to see the experts.

He said: “Harrogate Rugby Club hold the trophy at the moment, they won it last season so we thought it might be appropriate to bring it along. It’s supposed to be the oldest rugby trophy in the country.

“The club was founded in 1871 but the cup was played for for the first time in 1876.”

His wife Jennifer added: “It was 50 guineas when it was bought. It’s the only one of it’s kind so you can’t buy the providence! It was just interesting to know what that 50 guineas had multiplied into.”

Other people from the district and surrounding areas also came to find the value of their own antiques, or just to find out the history of some invaluable sentimental items.

Cathy Bryant from Knaresborough brought several postcards, more than 100 years old, sent from her great grandfather during the First World War.

She said: “My great grandfather died in the Somme in 1915 and he sent these postcards to his wife when he was over there.

“I just thought it would be interesting to find out what the pictures were and why they chose those pictures on the postcards.”

With quite a different set of items, Gordon and Anne Bryce from Nidd came to find the value of an antique painting and a Sicilian rod puppet dating back to the 18th century.

With the queues building from as early as 9am, the show was abuzz with excited visitors and intrigued antiquarians by 10am.

Making her first appearance in front of the cameras around 11am, presenter Fiona Bruce took some time to take pictures and chat with people from the town.

She said: “The setting is absolutely beautiful. I was filming here yesterday in the Turkish baths - sadly not having a treatment! Its a beautiful collection of buildings, the architecture is absolutely splendid.

“Someone has brought along their ‘Carry on up the Khyber’ poster and the person who has bought it was an extra in the harem scene, so we’ll see what she’s got to say. I’m talking to her later, I can’t wait!”