Video: Harrogate's McDonald's reopens after four week refurbishment

After four long weeks of waiting, Harrogate's McDonald's has reopened its doors today to reveal a 'futuristic' refurbishment.

Thursday, 28th January 2016, 4:05 pm
Updated Thursday, 28th January 2016, 4:14 pm
McDonald's in Harrogate

The fast-food restaurant closed to the public on January 4 as they prepared for almost a month of renovation work before reopening today (January 28).

Customers flooded into the restaurant to discover the new and improved service experience with digital innovation at the heart of the transformation.

There is now more choice available to how customers order their food, with new self-service kiosks, digital menu boards and table computers available.

McDonald's in Harrogate

It also includes McDonald's signature style with a bright, modern interior and exterior design, comfortable seating and free Wi-Fi.

The refurbishment follows local franchisee Pritpal Singh's, who owns and operates the restaurant in Harrogate, investment in improving the experience for customers.

He said: "The first thing you notice as you approach the restaurant is the frontage, we have pushed the frontage out, taken away some of the old marble and it makes it much lighter.

"As you walk in the door, the first thing is the digital improvement. You walk in and see the menu boards above, the digital displays and the digital displays in the window as well.

McDonald's in Harrogate

"And of course, the way you can now order your food, you can do one of two things, you can go straight to the counter as you used to do, or you can use some of our digital boards.

"The self order kiosk is fairly straight-forward, even as a first time user you get a feel for how to order and it just changes the whole service experience completely."

Technology has a huge role to play in all walks of life, including our customers eating out experience, so the new tech were introducing recognises the way people live their lives today.

Mr Singh, who also owns 23 McDonalds restaurants in Yorkshire, said the developments would provide the foundations for current and future changes to the restaurants menu and service experience.