Video: Harrogate man showing true Yorkshire grit as Round the World yacht race reaches East China Sea

Harrogate's Mick Husband has updated the '˜Advertiser as his epic Round the World Yacht Race enters a freezing cold stage in the East China Sea.

Monday, 5th March 2018, 2:31 pm
Updated Monday, 5th March 2018, 2:35 pm
Clipper Round the World Race crew member Michael Husband. Picture credit: onEdition

Mick, 61, set out on his adventure in August and is the only Yorkshireman aiming to go the whole way around the world in this edition of the race.

The Clipper Race fleet of eleven 70 foot yachts departed the tropical paradise of Sanya yesterday and are now on their way to Qingdao, China, where the temperatures will plummet.

Weather conditions aside, one of the biggest challenges the teams will face during this leg is navigating the world’s largest fishing fleet.

Finally, heavy fog and commercial shipping will challenge crew as they head across the Yellow Sea and into Qingdao.

At approximately 1,600nm in length, this is one of the shorter races of the series, expected to take around ten days to complete.

Before setting off from Sanya, Mick said: “The people in Sanya have made us feel really welcome and the Prize Giving ceremony was tremendous.

“I really like I’m on my way home as we are now in the Northern Hemisphere with only a mere five months to go!

“It’s not until you actually go through the journey that you realise how much of a challenge it is but, as a team, we can achieve so much.”

Probably the Sydney Hobart start and seeing all the boats come past us – all very lethal – so that was probably a highlight. Coming into Hobart, just overtaking Liverpool 2018 at the last gasp, and then my wife being here to surprise me! I never knew that she was coming so that was just great to see her here as well.

What have been the hardest parts?

Missing my wife, family, friends. Sometimes when you are sitting there with not a lot to do, it’s hard. And I think just understanding that people have different motivations and different feelings that you have to react positively to. And we all have our moments.

What’s changed for you during the Clipper Race so far since Race Start?

I think my outlook on life has changed a heck of a lot and I really appreciate team spirit. I think I’ve always done that really. Just understanding that you’ve got to appreciate your friends and family more. When you’re back home, you tend to take these things for granted and I probably will do after six months of being back at home! But at the moment, it’s just great to think more about people and how people are motivated.

Do you have any messages for those people following you back in Yorkshire?

Just keep the white rose flying and it’s just great that so many people are following me. I’m just so amazed – they know more about the race than I do – and it’s just great to know that they’re rooting for you. When you’re going through some tough patches, to know that there are people watching you and willing you on means that you aren’t going to give in. Never ever.

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