VIDEO: Harrogate Dog Show 2013

The Harrogate Dog Show opened to glorious sunshine and crowds keen to prove their pooch was top of the class.

Money raised at the charity event will be split between Dogs Trust and Brathay Trust.

Amy Grant from Huby feeding her Pug Mary some ice cream at the Harrogate Dog Show at Claro Road.

Amy Grant from Huby feeding her Pug Mary some ice cream at the Harrogate Dog Show at Claro Road.

Organisers Kim Metcalfe and Verity Watts spoke to the Harrogate Advertiser.

Mark Gagnon was visiting with his wife Tracey, and their three-year-old long haired whippet, Elsie. Mark said: “We couldn’t have asked for a better day.

“We brought Elsie along to socialise with other dogs, and we enjoyed watching the classes.”

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People demonstrated their skills at the event.

Puppy Socialising and Training Team Leader Jane Thurlow said: “We are a group of volunteer socialisers that raise puppies in the area.

“They go on to train at the centre for four months, before they go out to work, they help deaf people pick up sounds up and about.”

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The results were:

Best Fancy Dress

1, Damon Dover with Lola; 2, Zoe Rankin with Perry; 3, Anna Baracco with Bella.

Best Puppy (Six months and under)

1, Gary Mazza with Bertie; 2, Jamie Lofthouse with Honey; 3, Emily Wainwright with Borris.

Child’s Best Friend (Child 10 and younger)

1, Alex Jones with Billy; 2, Jack Apperley with Summer; 3, Fiona Lacey with Reah.

Waggiest Tail

1, Vicki Gibson with Mist; 2, Kelly Cunningham with Lily; 3, Julie Towers with Pippa.

Best Crossbreed

1, Danial Whitfield with Jerry; 2, Chloe Greenwood with Alba; 3, Sam Lockey with Spud.

Prettiest Bitch

1, Nicola Utley with Daphne; 2, Janet Warr with Bella; 3, Jack Yates Turner with Audrey Bear.

Best Rescue

1, Mavis Parkinson with Lottie; 2, Alison Sturdy with Molly; 3, Dean Gregory with Lola.

Golden Oldie

1, Mrs Cole with Star; 2, Sarah O’Brian with Bentley; 3, Amanda Baxter with Daisy.

Best Hairdo

1, Cole Anderson with Ernie; 2, Melanie Nolan with Teasel; 3, Liona Whitfield with Wilson.

Most Like Owner

1, Jacob Bell with Ellie; 2, Dan Holmes with Clifford; 3, Michaela Lupton with Harry.

Best Pedigree

1, Holly Mackinnon with Betty; 2, Mr Longstaffe with Ralph; 3, Harrison DOver with Lola.

Most Handsome Dog

1, Derriet McRobert with Barney; 2, Frankie Bulmer with Reggie; 3, Gillian Best with Randall.

Best Party Trick

1, Marie Priestly with Nip; 2, Lee Depledge with Oscar; 3, Sue Barrett with Monty.

Best in Show

1, Mavis Parkinson with Lottie; Reserve, Alex Jones and Katie Jones with Billy.

See Thursday’s Harrogate Advertiser for a full report.