Victoria Cross heroes central to Harrogate WWI centenary plan

Ripon, July 1919''"Peace with Honour" in Lickley Street.''Peace Day celebrations.
Ripon, July 1919''"Peace with Honour" in Lickley Street.''Peace Day celebrations.
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The district’s First World War heroes will be honoured as part of the plans next year to mark 100 years since the outbreak of the conflict.

Donald Bell and Charles Hull, of Harrogate, and Archie White of Boroughbridge, were awarded the Victoria Cross for their actions during the 1914-1918 war.

A national competition has been launched to design a paving stone to be presented to areas where First World War Victoria C ross recipients were born.

Lucy Graham, secretary of the VC and GC Association said: “The Victoria Cross and George Cross Association welcomes and supports the Victoria Cross campaign to commemorate the many gallant individuals who were awarded the Victoria Cross during the First World War.”

Funding may become available to ensure war memorials are in good condition by November 2018, the end of the national four year centenary programme.

Donald Simpson Bell was commissioned as a temporary Second Lieutenant in the 9th Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment.

On July 5, 1916, he destroyed a machine gun which was putting his Battalion under heavy fire, and shot its firer.

Charles Hull was a Private in the 21st Lancers (Empress of India’s) during WWI.

On September 5, 1915, at Hafiz Kor, North West Frontier, India, Private Hull rescued an officer from certain death at the hands of a tribesman. Captain Archie White was awarded the VC for bravery at Stuff Redoubt near Thiepval between September 27 and October 1, 1916.

the competition to design the commemorative paving stone is open to all.

The winning design will be revealed by October, and details of the recipient will be available at the stone.

The stones will be installed between 2014 and 2018.

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